Akili Museum of Art is an exhibition space that brings the art collections of Rudy Akili, with the richness of style and artistic approach. Established in 2006, AMA now accommodates the collections of avant-garde young artists from Indonesia, who join the ranks of the world’s leading artists, creating a series of collections that are diverse, at the same time connected to one another. This is where an eclectic platform from classical, realist, experimental and conceptual style met, in various forms and mediums ranging from paintings, drawings, sculpture, photography, and the new media.

Akili Museum of Art collections significantly present the development of contemporary art in Indonesia, portray a dynamic space, and display innovation and the ongoing “movement” in the history of Indonesian art. Rudy Akili bridges the modernist works of prominent artists such as Affandi, Hendra, Srihadi Soeharsono, and other influential names, with works from the new generation of young artists such as Eko Nugroho, Jompet Kuswidananto, Entang Wiharso, Christine Ay Tjoe, S Teddy D, Wimo Ambala Bayang and others. With the theme tendency chosen by the artists, their association with socio-political context, Akili Museum of Art collections could reflect the broader history of Indonesia, in a unique and interesting perspective.

In expanding the horizons of art history, Akili Museum of Art also presents the best works of Asian artists such as Yifei Chen (China), Zheng Yi (China), Ronald Ventura (Phillipines), Jose Legaspi (Phillipines) and Hiraki Sawa (Japan).

Akili Museum of Art, in regular basis also organises large-scale exhibitions, both from foreign artists and Indonesian artists, which shows the great supports of Rudy Akili and family towards the growth of art appreciation in Indonesia and aesthetic experimentation of artists.

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